Utility Construction

Utility Construction Services in Central Ohio

John Eramo & Sons has constructed sewer and waterline systems throughout Central Ohio since 1966. From clay tile, to PVC, to ductile iron, to RCP & ADS – We have done it all. Our success is rooted in our foresight. We look at the whole picture and anticipate troubles that may be found based on our previous experiences with similar projects. Our utility crews are trained to handle difficult situations with great tact, so if problems should arise, we are prepared to handle them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Areas of Expertise

The Eramo & Sons team of expert construction specialists has worked on just about every project imaginable, including Public Works, Residential Subdivisions, Multi-Family Projects, Commercial & Industrial Construction Projects. Our Utility Services include:

Sanitary Truck Sewers

  • Sanitary Trunk Sewers
  • Sanitary Mainline Sewer and Services
  • Lift Stations and Force Mains
  • Concrete and ADS Storm Sewer Systems
  • Underground Detention Systems
  • Underground Fire Protection Lines
  • Public and Private Water Main Installation
  • Electric and Gas Conduit

Underground Utility Contractors - With Decades of Experience

With a combined total of 100+ years of experience, the Eramo & Sons underground utilities installation crew has become a mainstay in the utility construction industry throughout the Columbus area. We’ve done it all, from Trunk Sewers lift stations and force mains to underground detention systemseverything in between. Each member of our team brings a high level of professionalism to the table, along with the ability to explain, in detail, the step-by-step process of each project to you. We put great value in each professional relationship & look forward to helping you with your underground utility solutions. Our Goal is to install your project quickly & cost effectively.

For more information regarding Eramo & Sons Utility Construction services, contact us today.


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